Amtelco Conference Update

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The National Amtelco Equipment Owners 2009 Conference was held in Cancun, Mexico, March 1-4.  The conference provided educational presentations during the conference, and Kevin Beale, Amtelco’s Director R & D Software, presented information on new releases, including:

Infinity Intelligent Dashboard: Graphically monitor the Infinity Intelligent Series system that constantly refreshes its information display to give a current snapshot of important system information, including Infinity call traffic, average time to answer, agents, system waits, and port usage.  Dashboards can be displayed on a flat screen LCD or numerous models of popular smart phones.

VoIP Technology: Reduce telephony costs by adding native VoIP services to the Infinity system with Amtelco’s XDS VoIP Board.

Client Management Intelligence (CMI): Integrate Amtelco’s Intelligent Messaging with CMI to automatically build a contact database for your customers as you take calls for them.

Intelligent SMS Text Messaging: Sending SMS text messages is now an integral component of both Infinity message dispatching and Intelligent message contact dispatching.  Both support sending and receiving SMS text messages with all cellular carriers, which are sent directly from the Infinity server via wireless cellular modems or Internet-based SMS aggregators.

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