Amtelco Goes Green with Solar Energy

Amtelco Updated Logo

Amtelco completed its long-awaited solar panel project and has begun using solar energy to help reduce its carbon footprint and fossil energy usage. Amtelco is forecasting to offset its energy consumption with solar power by 59 percent of its current use.

In the past, Amtelco’s building manager had researched how their HQ building in McFarland, WI, could cover a sizable portion of its roof with solar. At the time, it wasn’t a feasible option for the company. However, in the fall of 2021, Tom Curtin, CEO of Amtelco, decided to take another look. Tom says, “Knowing that our roof has 100 precent exposure to that beautiful southern sun would always make me think, ‘Someday it would be so great to be able to go green with that roof.’ I am so excited that through all the Amtelco teams’ efforts, we finally made that dream a reality.”

According to the EPA, electric power generates the second largest share of greenhouse gas emissions. Tom continues, “For many years, it was just a wonderful wish to reduce the greenhouse gas contribution we make. We are fortunate that Amtelco has been successful. And so, we invested in our community and the future of our families through renewable energy.”

Amtelco has been eco-minded and dedicated to recycling in the office for years. Recently, Amtelco concluded a six-month period of collecting eligible plastic bags, films, wraps, etc., for the Trex® Company’s Recycle Beyond the Bag program to earn a Trex bench made from the recycled materials.

As a leading provider of innovative communication applications for more than 45 years, Amtelco has its roots in the early 1950s when its founder, William J. Curtin, invented and patented solutions for his call center. With Amtelco systems currently operating in all fifty of the United States and in more than twenty foreign countries, Amtelco customers process millions of calls monthly. Amtelco is well known in various industries for continually developing advanced call center solutions designed to streamline communications, all backed by Amtelco’s superior 5-star service and support.

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