Amtelco Infinity XDS VoIP Board Installation

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ACT Teleservices, a division of AMAC Corporation, is the first to install an Amtelco XDS Technologies Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Board in an operational Amtelco Infinity call center system. 

The 72 seat call center in Newington, CT added the VoIP board as the next step in the effort to VoIP enable their call center.

Tom Gelbach, Managing Director of ACT Teleservices, said the plan is to VoIP-enable their local and remote operators and to VoIP-enable their telephone trunks.

Amtelco’s Infinity software version 5.5 with the XDS VoIP Board eliminates the need for a third-party VoIP gateway.  The XDS VoIP Board provides native VoIP switching directly within the Infinity Server; it is available in configurations ranging from 100 to 600 VoIP channels.

It supports VoIP operator audio, making it possible to update hardwired local and dial-in remote operators to VoIP, eliminating the need for dedicated operator audio boards and cabling.

The XDS VoIP board supports SIP trunking, making it possible to upgrade analog DID and T1-ISDN based trunks to VoIP.