Amtelco Introduces Client Sharing Tools

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Amtelco client sharing tools — IS (Intelligent Series) messenger, B2B agent, and IS Web scripting — can be used to expand into new services, such as sharing calls with other call centers.

IS messenger is an instant messaging tool that incorporates real-time chat capabilities into the Intelligent Series suite of applications.  It is an integral component of the Infinity telephone agent, soft agent, IS supervisor and MiteyMite, enabling agents to send and receive instant text chat messages for supervisors, other agents, and MiteyMite users.

B2B agent enables multiple call centers to share Intelligent Series client accounts.  The B2B Agent feature makes it easy to staff a complex call campaign and centralizes campaign call data in a single location. 

B2B Agent can be combined with Amtelco’s limited-term operator licensing to further extend a call center’s coverage while only marginally increasing costs.

IS Web scripting makes it possible to present Intelligent Series call scripts using a conventional Web browser and insert the script as an element in a conventional Web page.  It also runs IS call scripts from the IS Web application and from the embedded browser of Infinity telephone agent.

In other news, Amtelco applications, including Infinity logger, on-call supervisor, supervisor, telephone agent, IS server, IS supervisor, and MDR are now 64-bit compatible.

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