Amtelco Introduces Infinity Dashboard

Amtelco Updated Logo

Amtelco introduced a new stand-alone system monitoring application called Dashboard, which helps supervisors and managers monitor activity and control call center business.  Dashboard graphically monitors the Infinity Intelligent Series system with easy-to-read gauges and charts. 

Real-time information is constantly refreshed display to give a current snapshot of important system information, including Infinity call traffic, such as, average time to answer, agents, system waits, and port usage.

Dashboard can be displayed in the call center on a flat screen LCD or taken on the road on mobile smart phones like the Apple® iPhone™ or iPod®, a Palm Treo™ or Centro™, a Blackberry®, or a similar hand-held device from Kyocera™, Motorola™, Qualcomm® or Samsung®.

For more information about Amtelco’s Dashboard, contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148 or email

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