Amtelco Introduces Intelligent Series Version 5.3

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Amtelco introduces version 5.3 of its Intelligent Series (IS) suite of call center applications. Many of the features were developed in collaboration with Amtelco customers.

Voicemail: IS Version 5.3 moves voicemail from Infinity to IS for use with the Genesis system. Client voicemail settings are configured on the Genesis voicemail page in IS supervisor client setup.

ACD Answer Call Setting: Reassign parked calls to another ACD skill if they aren’t answered in a specified number of rings. This moves a call out of waits and assigns it to an operator if the client doesn’t call in within a specified time.

Genesis Auto Answer Announcements: Auto answer greetings play to callers while waiting for an agent. Greetings play in the order shown and then repeat.

Conference Join Call Recording: The conference join and patch call states now include call recording capability. If call recording is enabled for the client account, both conferences and patches are recorded, allowing the agent to move to other calls without interrupting the recording.

IS Supervisor Dashboard: The IS supervisor application dashboard includes controls to allow the user to configure multiple dashboard layouts, filled with a choice of widgets.

For more information, contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148 or email

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