Amtelco Introduces Intelligent SMS Text Messaging

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SMS text messaging is a critical dispatching method to send text messages to client’s cell phones.  Sending SMS text messages is now an integral component of both Amtelco’s Infinity message dispatching and Intelligent message contact dispatching.  Both support sending and receiving SMS text messages with all cellular carriers.

Choose Your SMS Text Messaging Method: Send and receive SMS text messages directly from the Infinity server via wireless cellular modems.  Call centers can choose the cellular modem to match their cell phone carrier, connecting it to the Infinity DigiBoard serial I/O board.  Send and receive SMS text messages directly from the Intelligent Series server via wireless cellular modems (unlimited usage) or Internet-based SMS aggregators (faster but with a per-message charge).

Send and Receive SMS Text Messages:
Clients who receive SMS text messages can reply to the messages, which can be configured to automatically mark the original message as delivered, return the reply to an agent for follow up, or ignore the reply.  All replies are documented.

Inbound SMS Text Messaging: Receive unsolicited inbound SMS text messages and present the messages to an agent as a dispatch job or call.

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