Amtelco Introduces IS Appointment Scheduling

Amtelco Updated Logo

At the recent ATSI convention in Pittsburgh, Amtelco demonstrated the Infinity Intelligent Series (IS) appointment scheduling module that offers call centers the ability to host appointment schedules for their clients. 

IS appointment scheduling offers the ability for a call center to purchase the package and run it at their premise, run IS appointment scheduling as a web module using any platform, and to integrate it with Amtelco’s scripted IS messaging or CMI Diamond contact management database.

Amtelco is excited about this new advancement to the Infinity Intelligent Series.  Kevin Beale, Amtelco’s Software Development Director stated “IS appointment scheduling builds on our already strong IS on-call scheduling platform.  It was a natural progression for us to add appointment scheduling to our IS toolkit. 

With the combination of on-call scheduling, appointment scheduling, a web interface, Microsoft Outlook integration, and automated confirmations and reminders, we feel we now have a complete scheduling package that we can offer to our current customers as well as customers running other [vendor’s] equipment. 

We would love the opportunity to work with anyone looking for new scheduling opportunities.”

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