Amtelco Introduces IS Scheduling Enhancements

Amtelco Updated Logo

Amtelco’s Infinity Software Version 5.51 includes several key scheduling enhancements, with the Infinity Intelligent Series (IS) Directory becoming more of a focal point for the system.  It allows all information related to an individual to be entered in one place.  This means increased efficiency and reduced mistakes.

  • IS directory importing and exporting can be scheduled and managed within the IS supervisor; imports are performed directly by the IS server, eliminating the stand-alone batch import application.
  • On-call scheduling utilizes the new “roles” feature to categorize directory listings based on location or department and to define clients available for departmental on-call schedules.  Create pre-defined shifts to ensure coverage during specific days and times; required roles can be associated with each shift to ensure proper coverage.
  • Agents can locate a client from the directory to view on-call assignments within their directory listing screen.  Agents can select an assignment to access the associated on-call schedule for viewing or editing; agents can retrieve on-call clients from within a script without ever bringing up the on-call screen.  Retrieval of the on-call information enables contact-based dispatching.
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