Amtelco IS Web Calendar Subscription Feature

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The new “my settings” page of the IS (Intelligent Series) Web application presents a path to synchronize a call center client’s on-call assignments and appointments with a calendar on the client’s personal computer or mobile device.

With the IS Web calendar subscriptions feature, all on-call assignments and appointments scheduled in the IS Web and other IS applications are automatically copied to the Google, Windows Live Hotmail, iPad, Outlook, and Yahoo calendars.

Synchronization is established by clicking the “Sync schedules with desktop or mobile calendars” hyperlink on the my settings page. After that, the desktop or mobile calendar updates automatically as new on-call assignments and appointments are added, edited, or deleted in IS.

Amtelco also announced the Infinity employee check-in behavior. The optional account behavior verifies a passcode when an employee checks in. If the passcode is entered correctly, the account’s status is updated to “checked in” or other status choices.

The status schedule can send a cue to an agent if the employee fails to check in. Infinity automatically cancels the next cue if the employee checks in on time.

For more information, contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148, or

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