Amtelco Provides Business Continuity Tool and Enhances Web Chat Module

Amtelco Updated Logo

Amtelco released IS Backup Operator business continuity tool, which configures each agent workstation to function on its own with a read-only copy of the Intelligent Series database.

With the IS Backup Operator, a call center can maintain essential call handling functions in the event the IS Server is inaccessible due to a network outage or communications failure.

The feature includes data management tools that create a copy of the IS database, which is compacted and copied to individual agent workstations. The compacted database contains only the elements of the client account and system setup configurations essential to continue call-processing activities until the service outage is corrected.

The IS Backup Operator feature equips each licensed workstation with a copy of Amtelco’s Intelligent soft agent console application, used in place of the Infinity telephone agent application, in the event of an IS Server outage.

A telephone instrument is required at each workstation so agents can continue to take calls while using Amtelco’s soft agent console application to access IS information.

In related news, Amtelco enhanced its Infinity web chat to improve the customer experience and to provide a tighter integration with Intelligent Series (IS) message scripting. Highlights of the new interface include an improved user experience and improved operator interface.

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