Amtelco Provides Extra Agent Seats As Needed; Adds Colocation Services

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Amtelco Temps’ licenses can expand the number of seats in a call center temporarily to cover a special event or a short-term campaign.  This ability to add extra seats provides flexibility, better customer service, and increased income.  Temps’ licenses are less expensive than regular licenses because they are purchased for a specified length of time. 

When that time passes, the temporary licenses automatically are disabled.  The start time is adjustable, so licenses can be purchased ahead of time but not activated until a specific date.  Licenses can be purchased for a number of days, weeks, or months.

Amtelco also offers hardware and software collocation options to maximize each call center’s investment.  The Infinity system with peripherals is designed to take advantage of Amtelco’s data center rack space and its security capability. 

The benefits include easy point of presence and remote agent connectivity.  The expanded bandwidth and reduced electrical power consumption of collocated equipment take advantage of economies-of-scale for savings to the call center.

For business continuity and disaster contingency planning, the hosted Infinity backup located at Amtelco’s data center is used in an emergency until the primary site is up and running.  Being able to respond positively to RFP requirements for business on continuity planning increases the potential for increased revenue.

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