Amtelco Provides Web Interface for Call Center Clients

Amtelco Updated Logo

Amtelco continues enhancing its call center Web interface.

Web Interface to Intelligent Series (IS) Scheduling: Clients can now login to the Web and see their own personal home screen, showing their messages, status information, and on-call or appointment assignments.  Clients can update their own information and settings, view or update schedules based on permissions, and page, email, and SMS on-call personnel from the Internet.  Additionally, on-call and appointment schedules can be synced with Outlook calendars.

Web Reporting: Allow users to run system reports or create new custom reports for certain users or departments, including on-call reports which alert staff about open on-call shifts.

Smart Phone Access to Infinity Web Applications: The power and functionality of the Infinity Software Version 5.51 and IS Web applications, including the Intelligent Directory and Intelligent On-Call Scheduling, are optimized for use with most popular brands of PDAs and smart phones.  The functionality and ease of use of the Web applications are available at call center clients’ fingertips.

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