Amtelco Receives US Patent; Unveils miOnCall

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Amtelco has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for for “A System and Method for Intelligent Script Swapping.” 

The patentable element is Amtelco’s method of writing scripts that are usable by multiple platforms such as Infinity telephone agent, ‘Just Say It’ IVR, and Web scripting. 

It retains previously collected information as the script moves from platform to platform.  That information plus additional information can pass on should the script move into yet another platform.  For example, a call can be answered by IVR, transfer to an agent, and push IVR and agent gathered information to a Web page.

Amtelco also announced its new subscription-based on call scheduling solution miOnCall, a powerful, flexible, and secure cloud-based on call scheduling application that makes it easy to assign schedule coverage, view schedule coverage, and dispatch messages. 

The miOnCall schedules are available to call center clients and personnel via Web access, can be synched with Microsoft Outlook® calendars, and accessed with Amtelco’s miOnCall app, for the iPhone®, iPad™, and iPod Touch®, and BlackBerry® smartphones.

It utilizes many of the same innovative features found in Amtelco’s Infinity IS on-call scheduling solutions, such as permission levels for users and supervisors, custom shift, and role functionality, and multiple viewing options.  In addition, the miOnCall setup wizard and online help features make it easy to quickly set up schedules.

Amtelco President Tom Curtin stated, “We are very proud to introduce miOnCall, our first cloud-based solution; miOnCall is ideal for call centers looking for a more convenient on-call scheduling application that meets their specific needs.  Call centers may also become distributors for Amtelco cloud-based subscription applications.”

For more information, contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148 or

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