Amtelco Releases Infinity Software v5.61

Amtelco Updated Logo

Amtelco released Infinity Software Version 5.61, which offers enhancements and new capabilities including:

  • Increased Speed: Support is added for a new dual-core 3 GHz processor board with a 1 GB network interface and SATA hard drives, providing performance improvements for Infinity.
  • SATA Hard Disc Drives: SATA hard disk drives replace the SCSI hard disk drives, now considered at end-of-life status by the computer industry. SATA hard disk drives are the primary hard disk drives used in personal computers today and are significantly faster than SCSI Hard Disk Drives.
  • Eliminates Tape Drive Options: The new Trenton TQ9 processor with the SATA disk controller and SATA hard disk drives eliminates support for the SCSI tape drive interface, eliminating the need to perform SCSI tape drive backups. Options include the new Infinity file backup or one of the other Infinity backup solutions such as network or real-time backup chassis.
  • Paged Message Urgent Confirmation Time: When the urgent confirmation time interval expires, alpha-paging messages, SMS text messages, and Amtelco’s miSecureMessages mobile app, messages that have not been confirmed by recipients are returned to the initiating agent.

For more information call 800-356-9148 or email