Amtelco Releases miSecureMessages Android Update

Amtelco Updated Logo

The miSecureMessages Android app update to version 2.0.4 is now published to the Google Play Store and is available for download. The Android User Guide is updated in the online Amtelco TechHelper miSecureMessages resource section.

The update improves security with complex passcode capability. The passcode limitations have been changed to allow more than four digits to be entered and to allow letters and other characters in addition to digits. The ability to search for contacts by name has also been added.

Ease and efficiency has improved by adding options to delete multiple threads. Users can now choose several threads or “select all” and hit delete.

As pagers become obsolete, call centers with medical clients will need a replacement solution. Amtelco’s miSecureMessages is a subscription-based Smartphone paging and messaging application built for Android™, Apple™, and BlackBerry® mobile devices.

To ensure HIPAA and HITECH regulations are met, miSecureMessages is vital to maintaining the security of Protected Health Information (PHI).

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