Amtelco’s Intelligent Soft Agent Receives Cisco Certification

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Amtelco’s Intelligent Soft Agent Attendant Console received certification with Cisco’s UCCX 9.X. This certification will help Amtelco to grow the Soft Agent platform to more Cisco-based sites, and is another example of Amtelco’s leadership and commitment to the industry.

Amtelco’s Soft Agent uses SIP connectivity to add a radically simple agent interface screen to expand call center capabilities. Soft Agent provides a next generation operator interface, simplifies training processes, and streamlines call and application processes.

Soft Agent integrates with third party SIP-enabled PBXs to provide call centers with the ability to become part of their clients’ PBX. With the Soft Agent, call centers can eliminate the need for call forwarding, and open the door for remote receptionist services.

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