Amtelco’s Intelligent Series 4.1 & IS Mobile

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Amtelco’s Intelligent Series 4.1 call center software is released from beta testing and available for general release.

IS 4.1 includes hundreds of enhancements and changes over the previous IS 3.7 release, including a redesigned IS Web interface with interactive conversation oriented messaging, a new IS Mobile app for Apple devices providing mobile access to IS, a new softswitch based IS voice services platform providing new IS based call behaviors, a redesigned IS reporting interface, a new system event manager with automated notification for selected events, IS scripting enhancements, miSecureMessages enhancements, IS secure two-way email, IS faxing, Vocera interface, security enhancements, appointment scheduling enhancements, class and event registration, and SMS text message enhancements.

IS 4.1 is a major software development that included multiple software developers, technical writers, quality assurance engineers, field engineers, trainers, project managers, and a group of beta test sites.

“Amtelco greatly appreciates the valuable input we have received from our customers that have gone into making this one of the most innovative and important software releases Amtelco has issued,” said Kevin Beale, Amtelco vice president for software, research, and development.

Also, Amtelco introduced IS mobile, an app that extends Amtelco’s IS (Intelligent Series) Web functionality to hand-held devices. The IS mobile app provides access to status, messages, directories, and on-call schedules in one convenient location: the smart device.

With IS mobile, users are able to contact other users via a range of methods, including email, phone, miSecureMessages, SMS text messaging, pager, fax, and Vocera.

The initial release of the IS mobile app supports version 7.0 and later of Apple’s™ iOS operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Subsequent releases will support version 4.0 and later of the Android operating system, as well as version 8.0 and later of the Windows and Windows Phone operating systems.

The suite of IS Web applications allows a call center to extend the Intelligent Series to an intranet and the Internet. The browser-based platform allows call center clients to access IS features without agent involvement.

In related news, Amtelco welcomed two new members to its software team in 2013: Ellen Phillips and Robert Haworth. Both were instrumental in the development of the miSecureMessages (MSM) mobile apps and the new Intelligent Series (IS) Mobile app.

They joined as interns while attending Madison Area Technical College (MATC) and were hired upon completing their Programmer/Analyst Mobile Developer degrees.

Phillips, with a focus on Apple iOS development, and Haworth, who recently attended Apple’s Cocoa Camp – a developer training camp with the senior engineers of Apple, joined the software team to bolster Amtelco’s commitment to mobile apps.

They made major contributions to making Amtelco’s mobile apps more user friendly, user centric, and efficient. MATC will provide an Android development internship during the Spring 2014 semester.

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