Amtelco’s John Morley Retires

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John Morley, vice president for new product development and senior product developer for Amtelco, retired September 30.  Initially a documentation writer, he quickly moved into sales support and customer training, traveling throughout North America.

John gravitated into programming and product development, being a major contributor to the Video III system.  He served as the principal designer for Amtelco’s EVE system, introduced in 1983; there are still 36 EVE systems in operation today.  “John hit the ball out of the park,” said Amtelco president Tom Curtin.

John went on to be involved in just about every subsequent Amtelco product, from PC-MX to Infinity to eCreator to the Intelligent Series.
His contributions to Amtelco and its products are so crucial that John’s name is listed on the majority of the U.S. Patents Amtelco has been awarded.

Bernie Torvik, vicechairman of Amtelco’s board of directors, said, “For more than 30 years John exemplified the ideas and ideals that Bill Curtin had,” Torvik said.  “John loved a challenge and never failed to meet the ones he faced in developing better products to meet the changing needs of the industry.”

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