Amtelco’s miSecureMessages Contact Circles Helps Manage Directories

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Amtelco’s miSecureMessages® now has contact circles to help organize contact lists according to the users’ needs, speeding the delivery of secure messages to multiple recipients. Administrators can organize contacts into groups or “circles,” within the miSecureMessages administration application, and add, remove, update, and delete contact circles.

Users of the application can easily send a message to multiple people or an individual contact in the circle, search for individual contacts, and reply to one, some, or all contacts. Another new feature allows users to toggle miSecureMessages’ persistent alert sound to a different pre-packaged alert sound or to silence notifications.

In other news, Amtelco’s Infinity Intelligent Series (IS) SMS feature provides the ability to send SMS text messages and to receive SMS text replies. When an outbound SMS message is sent, a unique reply ID can be included in the message and stored in the message history.

The SMS reply goes to the call center agent who sent the initial message if they are still on duty, otherwise a dispatch job is created that is available to all dispatch operators.

The reply is appended to the original message history, for accurate reporting. The IS SMS feature also allows for unsolicited text messages, which create dispatch jobs that are available to all dispatch operators.

When used in conjunction with Infinity, replies and unsolicited text messages can be routed through the Infinity ACD for more sophisticated handling using IS Directory and message scripts.

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