Amtelco’s New Contact-Based Architecture Eases Scripting and Dispatching

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Amtelco’s New Contact-Based Architecture Makes Scripting and Dispatching Easy

Amtelco’s Infinity Intelligent Series (IS) offers call scripting with Contact-Based Architecture (CBA), designed to meet the needs of today’s call center clients who demand fewer errors with more sophisticated call flow scripting, message processing, and contact-based dispatching.

Contact-Based Architecture presents dispatch steps that are specific to the selected contact.  The dispatch steps are presented in the order defined in each contact’s status schedule. 

As dispatch steps are executed, dispositions are automatically saved, documenting the results of the step and allowing follow-up actions.  CBA guides agents through the entire call process, greatly reduce mistakes while gathering information by automatically:

  • checking spelling
  • verifying that phone numbers and other fields are entered correctly
  • performing automated case conversion
  • performing date and time calculations
  • filling in city and state with the entry of a postal code
  • connecting to external databases and Websites
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