ANI Call Screening Eases Agent Workload

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Amtelco’s Infinity ANI call screening allows the entry of up to 1,400 Automatic Number Identification (ANI) numbers into Infinity Supervisor. The numbers can be assigned to accounts set up for special behaviors, such as to block unwanted calls from telemarketers, harassing callers, automated dialing systems, and incoming faxes by routing calls from those phone numbers to an account that simply plays a recording or hangs up.

This makes it easy to handle calls from telemarketers and harassing callers, by automatically disconnecting the call so the caller does not know their ANI is being screened. Calls from fax machines can play a recorded message such as “This is not a fax number.”

In other labor saving news, Amtelco has developed a directory modifier utility for the Intelligent Series (IS) to reduce labor costs when making mass changes to information contained in an IS directory. It is designed to avoid manual labor by automating changes that affect every listing in a directory and can be used to make one-time modifications to a directory, or the settings can be saved and scheduled to perform modifications on a regular basis to adjust data imported into a directory using the transformer utility.

The directory modifier can be scheduled with the Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler to perform directory modifications hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly at specific dates and times. This makes it possible to configure the directory modifier and have it run automatically at an off-peak hour to minimize the application’s data traffic over the local area network.

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