AnswerNet Launches TextMyBusiness to Enable Companies to Communicate Via Text on Their Business Phone Numbers

Willow Grove, PA, March 1, 2024: AnswerNet, a leading full-service provider of inbound, outbound, automated, and BPO contact center solutions, proudly announces the launch of its newest service, TextMyBusiness (TMB). TextMyBusiness is designed to move business text communications off of personal employee cell numbers and on to business numbers owned and controlled by the business without losing the immediacy of text communications.

As texting continues to grow in popularity as people’s preferred method of communication, businesses have struggled to add software tools that make it easy for businesses to communicate in this channel.  TextMyBusiness provides those companies looking to embrace this need with a quick and simple way to text-enable their business phone numbers and transform how they connect with their customers, employees, and the public through personalized, real-time text interactions.

“Our clients and all businesses have struggled separating their business text communications from their employees’ personal cell phone numbers,” said Gary Pudles, President and CEO of AnswerNet.    “Businesses need to communicate via text on business software and on mobile devices where the communications can be managed and saved by the business.  As texting becomes more common as a means of business communications, the risks to businesses who allow texting on personal employee numbers rises exponentially. AnswerNet and its predecessors have been helping businesses communicate via voice for over 100 years, and now we’re focused on helping our clients communicate via text in the most efficient way.”

Key features of TextMyBusiness:

  • Multi-User Management: Leverage a single account instance across multiple users/devices to create a single, branded voice for consistent customer experiences (with access to message history).
  • Contact List Management: Ability to collect & organize/segment contacts as “lists” for future segmented messaging.  
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS): Ability to send and receive rich media including photos, PDFs, and other assets for promotions, collecting/confirming job site conditions, or communicating concepts visually.
  • Branded, Canned Response Library; AI Automations; Campaign Integrations & More: Empowers teams to communicate and collaborate with greater ease through robust platform features. 

Pudles added, “I was honored to be part of the team that brought texting to the United States back in 1996, and I’m now equally proud to launch TextMyBusiness to help our clients fully utilize the power of texting.”

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