ATA Expands Philanthropic Initiative through Call Centers CARE

ATA’s (the American Teleservices Association) Call Centers CARE activities commenced last year with a partnership with Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio.  This year, attendees of the recent ATA Washington Summit gathered to volunteer their time in support of two local Washington DC organizations: Thrive DC, a homeless service center, and DC Central Kitchen, a community kitchen that provides more than 4,500 meals a day.

Contact center professionals in ATA Chapters across the United States actively contribute to numerous charitable causes of their choice.  On a national level, the association makes available various organized philanthropic efforts to further demonstrate that professionals in the teleservices industry contribute in a personal way and serve as good community partners.

“I am proud of the professionals in our industry who make an effort to have a positive, professional, and personal impact on the lives of others,” said Tim Searcy, ATA CEO.  Many members who attend the chapter and national events participate in “the Call Centers CARE activities because they allow them to make significant contributions while volunteering alongside other contact center professionals.”

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