ATA Keynote Address—Globalization and the Ideal Customer Experience

The third and final keynote address that the 2008 ATA Convention & Expo was presented by David James, VP of insurance and wealth management for GE Money.  In analyzing their call center operations, GE determined that there were four elements to ensure success at the point of contact, which is when the call center agent is talking to a customer.  They are that the agent needs to be confident in what they are selling, that the product will meet the needs of the customer, that their presentation is simple, yet engaging, and that it can be met as well.  These four keys are being implemented within an environment of increased regulation worldwide.

In response to these increased regulatory pressures, GE Money developed global standards for call center operations, which they call their ten golden rules.  These rules fit into four general categories: customer transparency, a competitive offer, quality sales staff, and robust monitoring and control.  The results of these golden rules have increased the confidence of agents in making sales and have put into place a compliance framework that has been broadly welcomed by regulators.  It is from this compliance framework that sales and marketing success result, providing a means by which 150 new products can be developed, launched, and tested each year.  David then shared two mini-case studies of product tests, one of which was a phenomenal success and other which was deemed to be not suitable for current market conditions.

The results of this initiative is enhanced customer experiences, enhanced shareholder value, and enhanced brand reputation.