ATA-SRO Certified Auditor Lisa Jones Barksdale Joins Quality Contact Solutions

Quality Contact Solutions’ President, Angela Morris announced that Lisa Jones Barksdale joined the staff at Quality Contact Solutions as a certified ATA-SRO Auditor.  In addition, Lisa is the founder and Principal Consultant of Dynamic Auditing Solutions, LLC and is the Compliance and Operations Manager for Collegebound Network.  Lisa’s expertise stems from formulating innovative working processes and cost-effective solutions to drive high levels of performance in a call center.

Lisa has extensive background in setting up company compliance training programs, which refine knowledge for both management and staff on best practices and knowledge of DNC rules and regulations, while providing best-in-class customer service.  Lisa graduated from Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta Georgia, with a Bachelors degree in Political Science and Philosophy.  Lisa became a Certified ATA-SRO auditor in March of 2010.  She is very active in her community through organizations such as Jack & Jill of America and Cinderella’s Closet.

According to Ms. Morris, adding an additional certified ATA-SRO auditor to the staff makes sense as more companies are becoming aware of the need to become ATA-SRO accredited.

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