ATSI Announces Certified Agent of the Year Award Program

ATSI created a new awards program that recognizes outstanding ATSI 24/7 certified agents.  The ATSI 24/7 Certified Agent of the Year Award will give call centers an opportunity to nominate a certified agent who has made a significant contribution to the success of their company.  Nominees should be individuals who are team players, professional in the completion of their duties, and customer service oriented.

“The ATSI 24/7 Certified Agent of the Year is yet another vehicle that ATSI has put in place to recognize the important role that certified agents play in all of our call centers,” stated Beth Cooper, ATSI’s certification committee chairperson.  “These people are the voices and backbone of our business, and their contributions to our success should not go unrecognized.”

ATSI’s 24/7 certification programs consist of four tiers: site, supervisor, dispatcher, and agent.  These accreditations are not only a set of best practices, but also an opportunity for call centers to demonstrate professionalism and adherence to these standards, with a goal of 99.9% annual run time.

The first award will be presented during the awards luncheon at the ATSI Annual Conference, June 17-20 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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