ATSI Convention Vendors

The 2009 ATSI Convention and Expo began today. The paid attendance was reported to be a record, as was the number of first time attendees.

The vendors at the expo includes both familiar names, as well as several new presenters. The vendors include:

  • Alston Tascom
  • Amtelco
  • Appointment-Plus
  • ATSI
  • CAM-X
  • CenturiSoft
  • Creative Voice Solutions
  • Eventide
  • Global Fone
  • Hays Affinity Solutions
  • Infradapt
  • Olivia Greets
  • OnviSource
  • Outsourcing Int’l
  • Professional Teledata
  • Skystream Broadband & Voice Integration
  • Startel
  • Szeto Technologies
  • TAS Source
  • TDI, Inc.
  • Team SNUG
  • Telescan
  • XLScheduler

Given the current economic conditions, there was an overall pleasant degree of optimism among both the attendees and vendors.  Some vendors reported making an unexpected number of good contacts and many attendees interested in the new offerings of the vendors.