SA Hosted Unveils New Auto Dispatch Service

SA Hosted and Managed Solutions, a provider of virtual contact center services, announced that its Auto Dispatch module is ready for service. The new software is designed to streamline the entire dispatching process. Based on the client’s requirements, Auto Dispatch provides fast and error-free message delivery with the click of a single button.

“Auto Dispatch is a powerful tool for today’s answering service owners,” said Terri Paffile, SA Hosted senior manager. “Not only will they save the time their agents spend looking up instructions, but they will also save money by eliminating the need for extra agent resources.”

SA Hosted and Managed Solutions offers a full suite of customizable and affordable virtual contact center solutions. The company focuses on providing contact centers with the resources and technology they need to achieve the ideal customer experience, without a huge demand on their bottom line. By combining technology assets with the insight from their vertical partners, SA Hosted creates enterprise-wide solutions that maximize efficiency while minimizing development costs and capital investment.

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