News Release: Bronze Sponsors of Connections Magazine Announced

Leading Contact Center Vendors Become Bronze Sponsors of Premier Contact Center Magazine

Several leading contact center vendors have stepped up to become sponsors of Connections Magazine, the leading contact center print magazine. In addition to Amtelco, who became a Platinum sponsor in November, new Bronze sponsors, are Alston Tascom, Professional Teledata, Szeto, and Telescan.

“We, at Connections Magazine, salute these vendors for their sponsorship of our publication,” said publisher and editor-in-chief, Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD. “They have all been long time supporters of the magazine and are well-known and respected in the industry.”

Look for profiles of each of these fine companies in upcoming issues of Connections Magazine.

“Only four more sponsorship packages remain,” added DeHaan.

[Connections Magazine is proudly published by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD editor.]

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