C3 Created 2,000 US Call Center Jobs in in 2011

C3/CustomerContactChannels (C3), a global provider of customer management solutions added 2,000 new jobs to the U.S. economy last year. C3 opened new centers in Tucson, Arizona and Waco, Texas and expanded its Salt Lake City, Utah and Twin Falls, Idaho facilities. Since 2010, C3 has created 3,500 new jobs in the United States.

“We’re proud to be part of the economic recovery,” said David Epstein, chairman and co-CEO of C3. “Our business is rapidly growing, we’ve seen an increase in new business, but also in existing clients looking to expand and extend contracts. Our clients recognize the value we bring to the business partnerships and to the community.”

Financial incentives ranging from tax breaks and credits to enterprise and development programs did influence the choice to open and expand the centers. C3’s jobs were warmly welcomed in Texas and Arizona, states with significant business incentives, where thousands of people lined up for job fairs and interviews.

“Our business is about people and relationship building. Today, there is a deeper understanding in the marketplace about the need for customer relationship building. The level of intrinsic understanding and knowledge of the customer cannot always be achieved at a global level,” said Rick Ferry, president and COO of C3. “It’s a matter of striking the right balance between cost savings and strengthening the customer brand relationship.”

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