Call Center Gold Certifications Awarded

The Association of TeleServices International (ATSI) announced that three call centers have qualified for the 24/7 Call Center Certification Gold Award, which is a peer review program focused on call centers’ ability to maintain 99.99 percent Annual Run-Time. The call centers are Business Connections, Inc (first certified in 2002), Advantage TeleMessaging, Inc, and Answer 1 (first certified in 2003).

The certification indicates that call centers have met or exceeded high standards in the areas of business practices, life safety, operations, including normal and emergency procedures, personnel hiring, training, and ongoing evaluations.

Advantage TeleMessaging, Inc. Owner/President Drew Ritter said, “Earning the 24/7 Gold Certification demonstrates that high level of commitment to readiness to be on-line available for our client’s callers.”

Business Connections Manager Dirk Moeller added, “This 24/7 Call Center Certification program is a great compliment to the AoE program as it documents our state of readiness to continue to provide excellent service.”

“Our experience and complete dedication to customer service along with meeting the criteria for Gold Site Certification has made us one of the leaders in this industry,” concluded Answer 1 President, Mary Jones.

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