Call Recorder Identifies Agents by Their Voice

VirtualLogger AgentPrescience™ uses speaker recognition technology to identify agents on recordings.  This new, patent-pending approach streamlines the installation process in four ways:

1) Eliminates the need for computer telephony integration (CTI) or other telephone system data integration; AgentPrescience identifies the agent without the need for CTI.

2) No channel map is required.  All needed information comes from the recording itself.

3) Allows trunk side side recording in most cases, usually requiring nothing more than a simple splitter.  Since AgentPrescience can identify the agent without knowing which specific phone is recorded, no tap to the station lines is required.

4) Allows “cloud-based” recording; calls are passed through the VirtualLogger system before they reach the call center, no tap or on-site recorder is required.

For on-site installations, the recorder is shipped to the call center and plugged into the phone lines using a simple T-splitter and a LAN connection for Internet access.  Each agent records their own voice.  Once all agent voices are registered, the installation is complete and the system is ready.  A 48-agent recording setup starts at $3,120, including all hardware and software.

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