Call Scripting Enhancements From Szeto

Linx Scripting in the Szeto Call Linx TAS system has just become more pictorial and user-friendly, both for the agents who use it and for the programmers who design it.  For example:

  • Calendar Pop automatically pops up in every entry field where date/time entries are to be expected. This visual display will enhance the appearance and speed up the data entry process with one mouse click.
  • Spin Button with up-down arrow is available in all fields as selected by the script designer.  It provides easy selections and auto-fills option choices for the agents.
  • An Abbreviation element in the call script  (and multi-form processing) allows lengthy and difficult-to-spell phrases be represented by abbreviations.  Agents can optionally replace lengthy and difficult phrases with predetermined abbreviations, which are expanded to their original form in the final version with a single keystroke.
  • Stock Icons are additional attention grabbers. They can be used signal the existence of help lines, the importance of an entry field, or information that must be read. They are a quality assurance tool that minimizes errors.

These enhancements will be demonstrated at the CAM-X / WSTA convention in Las Vegas, October 3-6, 2010.

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