CAM-X Announces 2009 Schedule

CAM-X announced that their Call Centre Coaching Clinics for 2009 will be in Calgary, AB on April 17-18 and repeated in Toronto, ON on May 1-2; they are geared for call center supervisors, managers,and team leaders.  The program will include:

  • Analyzing the different generations in your operations center.
  • Recruiting: Finding staff in a competitive market.
  • Hiring: Best practices in screening new hires.
  • Motivating the new work force: What do we need to change.
  • How do you do it: The mechanics of making a schedule.
  • Gen Y Flexibility: How do you make it work.

Also, the 45th Annual Convention & Trade Show, with the theme: “Uncork Your Potential,” will be September 22-25 in Kelowna, BC.

For more information, contact CAM-X at 905-309-0224 or 

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