CenturiSoft Announces Email Encryption

CenturiSoft now meets HIPAA/High Tech requirements on voice and fax delivery via email. Using 256-bit AES encryption technology, CenturiSoft has been able to encrypt these messages before they leave the Centuri Messenger system. Having the actual file encrypted allows delivery to an unsecured device such as a smartphone. When a user accesses the file, they are prompted for the “password key” and are allowed access only if they have the proper credentials. This allows users to receive fax and voice messages the same way and satisfies the security and confidentiality of the message or fax to the end-user. Password key can be set or changed for individual subscribers as often as needed for compliance requirements.

Combined with our ‘Colia’ compliance, earlier this year, [this] signals yet another reason to have CenturiSoft in your customer requirements,” said John Pope, president of CenturiSoft. CenturiSoft is able to offer these capabilities to current contracted customers at no charge and requires no off-line time to update.

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