CenturiSoft Releases CenturiMessenger v5.0

CenturiSoft announced CenturiMessenger version 5.0.  Its features include “survey” box and multiple holiday scheduling.  Emphasis on the release was mostly on enhancements and improvements on the delivery and notification through various mediums.  Interconnection to new services such as Skype is included.

Various additional features and improved scalability to 600 ports has also been added to the update (up from the prior limit of 400).  “Our larger customers have needed larger system scalability and we have been able to deliver on that need,” remarked John Pope, President of CenturiSoft.

“Still in the works for later this year are having HD (high definition) audio and video voicemail.  Windows 7 certification should be completed by mid-May and we will be shipping Windows 7 with Centuri Messenger in the June/July timeframe,” Pope added.

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