News Release: Connections Magazine Unveils Advertiser Sponsorship Packages

Exclusive Marketing Packages Offer Privileged Promotional Opportunities to Key Advertisers

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Mattawan, Michigan – Connections Magazine is offering call center vendors premium advertising and promotional sponsorship packages. The sponsorship packages include magazine display ads and listings, website banner ads and an individual sponsor page, and exclusive print and online coverage not available to anyone else. Four levels of sponsorship are available to meet vendors’ marketing needs and budgets: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

“I’m excited to be offering these to Connections Magazine advertisers,” stated Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD, publisher of Connections Magazine. “We offered similar opportunities at our sister publication, AnswerStat, starting in 2007. It’s been a hugely successful program—and it’s now time to roll it out for our chief supporters of Connections.”

The sponsorship packages offer privileged marketing opportunities to key advertisers and they accomplish this in a cost-effective way. “The cost of the sponsorship is less than buying each item separately,” stated DeHaan, “and that’s not even including the exclusive items in the packages—they’re an added bonus.”

“With five years of experience offering sponsorship packages to our leading AnswerStat advertisers, we have the knowledge to craft an optimum plan for Connections Magazine,” concluded DeHaan.

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[Connections Magazine is proudly published by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD editor.]

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