Contact Centers of America Partners with Valencia Community College

Contact Centers of America (CCA) and Valencia Community College announced a partnership to expand and enhance the existing customer service and technical support certification program of the Associates Degree in Science at VCC.  CCA utilizes students as a part of their contact center workforce to provide real world experience to students who are interested in a particular industry in the student’s selected field of study.  The contact center assignment is aligned with a student’s major so students are able to work within their selected field prior to graduation.  Additionally, there are job placement opportunities post-graduation, where the student can continue to work at CCA or placed within a client’s business

“Students gain direct skills and experience related to the career path which they are exploring,” said Sanford C. Shugart, Ph.D., president, Valencia Community College.  “CCA’s workforce model is a win-win-win for the VCC, our students and for CCA’s clients.”

Students view contact center positions as high value, unlike many contact center employees and are excited about being contact center staff.  These students are interested and proud to provide the highest level of customer service and support.

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