Corey Kotlarz Opens Outsourcing Advisory Firm

Corey Kotlarz, former vice president of an award winning outsource call center service agency, opened Outsource Consultants, a call center outsourcing brokerage and consulting firm. After nearly twenty years in the call center industry serving as vice president of new business development, Kotlarz has the experience and expertise to launch his own brokerage and consulting firm. He is helping companies save time, find the “best fit” call center, and reduce costs when switching or selecting a new call center outsourcing partner.

“My focus is to clearly understand the key call center outsourcing objectives of my clients and match them with the call center or BPO company that best meets their specific requirements. These requirements could be language, location, industry expertise, price, call type specialization, and many more,” says Kotlarz.

Outsource Consultants works with clients looking to reduce costs, increase ROI, and enhance CSAT scores by using call centers in the United States, near-shore, and offshore markets. Their experience includes working with clients in many industries, of all sizes, from startups and Fortune 500 clients.

For more information visit or call Corey Kotlarz at 952-303-2478.

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