Custom Toll Free Offers New Toll Free Number Search API

Custom Toll Free expanded its partner program with a new search application programming interface (Search API), enabling users to locate and reserve toll-free numbers directly from the SMS/800 spare pool of numbers.  The toll-free number search interface has the ability to return vanity toll-free numbers using an English language dictionary and a complex algorithm that ranks the results and returns the best possible matches.

“Our new Search API is designed to provide a fast and direct interface for our partners to help expand their toll-free number business,” said Rick DeCamp, vice president of business development for Custom Toll Free.  “Studies have found that strong vanities are much easier for customers to remember and our search algorithm is designed to optimize the results based on numbers that are memorable.”

Custom Toll Free’s search feature allows a customizable quantity of search results, enabling companies to offer their clients a few high-quality results or a larger set of numbers to choose from, with an unlimited return of search results.

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