Professional Teledata Enhances PInnacle Voice Logger

Professional Teledata introduces an enhanced PInnacle voice logger to their lineup of technology solutions. The voice logger is a SIP based audio recorder, integrated into the PInnacle system. Pat Kalik, president of Professional Teledata stated, “Since PInnacle voice logger is entirely SIP based, no special computer hardware is required or proprietary add-in cards, thus improving operational efficiencies, further cost reductions and of course peace of mind.”

PInnacle users can integrate PInnacle voice logger with their current eQueue and eConn switches; Millennium integration support is now available. The enhanced features are:

  • Recordings are now optionally linked to PInnacle messages in the PVL Browser, via customizable account templates, enhancing PVL’s role as a quality assurance tool.
  • Recordings and metadata can be automatically copied to separate folders on a real-time basis. This serves as an API for customers requiring special processing not already provided by the Browser or PInnacle Web features. For example, real-time, automatic emailing of recordings or placement in a client’s Dropbox or Google Drive can be implemented by the PInnacle customer’s IT staff with this API.
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