Ericsson and InterDigital join Hypervoice Consortium

The Hypervoice Consortium, officially announced at the WebRTC conference in November of last year, has now welcomed two new founding partners to the group, bringing the total to six. InterDigital and Ericsson join Telefonica Digital, HarQen, Voxeo Labs, and Martin Geddes Consulting Ltd. as industry leaders who have come together to redefine the future of voice services. The consortium’s mission is to articulate and advance standards, capabilities, and potential applications for the emerging Hypervoice framework.

“It’s finally time for voice to join in the hypermedia revolution,” said Martin Geddes, co-founder of the Hypervoice Consortium. “Hypervoice technology allows our spoken words to transcend the limits of the past and link what we say to what we do.”

Hypervoice transforms voice communications into native web objects: fully searchable, shareable, and linkable, as well as available in its original audio format. The framework covers all languages and accents, making voice conversations usable much like written words on a webpage but without suffering the challenges of speech to text.

The collective metadata Hypervoice can enable brings new meaning and context for conversations, making Hypervoice conversations as easily searchable and navigable as hypertext web pages.

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