ATSI Recertifies Focus Telecommunications

Association of Teleservices International (ATSI) announced that Focus Telecommunications has re-certified for the Gold 24/7 Call Center Certification Award after originally qualifying November 2004.

Donna West, president of Focus Telecommunications and an industry leader in quality education training products said, “I am delighted that this certification product is available along with other ATSI products that help to demonstrate a standard of quality to our clients and industry as a whole.”

Tom Reandeau, vice president of operations said, “Focus has been a long-time supporter of the ATSI certification program and along with the site certification, we also participate in the Agent, Advanced Agent, and Supervisor Certification Programs as well as the Award of Excellence and Award of Distinction for Call Centers, which helps to codify our commitment to excellence.”

The certification indicates that Focus Telecommunications has met or exceeded high standards in the following areas: business practices, life safety, operations, including normal and emergency procedures, personnel hiring, training, and ongoing evaluations through a peer review program focusing on 99.9 percent annual run time.

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