FTC Issues Annual DNC Report to Congress

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) recently issued their annual report to Congress about the status of the DNC (Do Not Call) Registry.  The full report is available online; it is for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2007.

The key numbers are:

  • 145 million numbers are in the registry (up 19 million names from last year)
  • 6,242 call centers accessed the list, paying $21.6 million in fees
  • 59,337 call centers accessed the list, for five or fewer areas codes, thereby paying no fees

A review of enforcement proceedings, including names and fines, is included in the report.

The report concludes with the following summary:

“As of the end of the fiscal year, more than 145 million telephone numbers were on the Registry. As a result of the recently enacted 2007 DNCIA [the Do Not Call Implementation Act], consumers whose registrations would have expired in summer 2008 no longer need to re-register their numbers.

“To promote the ongoing success of the National Registry, the FTC continues to pursue an active enforcement program, with numerous ongoing non-public investigations, which, as of the end of FY 2007, have resulted in twenty-five cases being filed, twenty-two of which have settled, bringing significant relief to consumers. Even though the FTC pursues an active enforcement program, data from surveys and analysis of complaints about do not call violations strongly suggest that compliance with the National Registry provisions of the Amended TSR is high and that consumers are receiving fewer unwanted telemarketing calls.”

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