Gila Agent Saves Caller’s Life During Customer Service Call

It was a typical day at Gila. Agents were taking calls, accepting payments, and doing everything necessary to help its Credit Union clients service their members. Typical, that is, until one of Gila’s agents, Annette Gutierrez, helped save a Credit Union member’s life during a routine customer service call.

The Greater Nevada Credit Union (GNCU) member called and was apparently not feeling well. After only a few minutes on the call and sensing distress, Ms. Gutierrez felt compelled to alert management and an ambulance was dispatched to the member’s home. The member later called back to say Ms. Gutierrez’s action had literally saved his life.

“I am incredibly proud of the proactive response taken by Ms. Gutierrez to save the caller’s life. She went above and beyond her duties and, in doing so, made a tremendous difference. Credit Unions have a special relationship with their members. At Gila, we work to build the same strong relationship with their members and service them with the same high standard and level of care,” said Bruce Cummings, Chief Executive Officer of Gila Group. Ms. Gutierrez has worked at Gila Group since 2009, and specifically serviced the GNCU’s accounts for almost two years.

Patty Chang, Risk Manager at GNCU shared this story with peers and executive management at the Credit Union. “Everyone was impressed with the extra effort made by the Gila representatives. It is nice to see the impact one can have when they take the time to really listen to others. We are happy to have Gila as a partner,” Chang said. Gila Group specializes in collection support services for Credit Unions and Financial Institutions nationwide.

“Executing on every call is our top priority at all times, and the agent exemplified this in a remarkable way. Our business is not just about taking payments and solving members’ financial problems. It’s also about doing the right thing, every time. This story solidifies exactly what sets us apart,” Cummings added.

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