Hosting “Saves” Call Centers

With Hurricane Irene bearing down on Virginia Beach, Professional Answering Service owner Angelo Celesia moved his agents to hotels on higher ground and out of harm’s way when he was told to evacuate the building. Agents also brought their laptops so they could continue processing calls using the hotels’ Internet service. Angelo also enlisted the help of some other call centers using the same platform but who were not affected by the hurricane. They were glad to help when the area went black.

In another instance, when Quick Connections in Greenbelt MD had all of their phone lines cut by a backhoe, their phone company told them it would be one week to get service restored. They rerouted their traffic and begin processing calls on their backup system hosted.

Both call centers used Professional Teledata’s hosted service, PInnacle Freedom. Pat Kalik, Professional Teledata president added, “These two success stories prove that the hosted concept can bring significant piece of mind knowing that you are protected from disasters and you can have mutual agreements in place for help at a moment’s notice.”

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