Hotel Offers Guests Enhanced 911

NEC Corporation of America and Amcom Software, Inc. announced that theWit Hotel has implemented an E911 solution to help direct emergency response to 911 calls.  The Chicago hotel uses the Amcom solution in tandem with NEC to provide a 911 caller’s location, including the floor and room number, to the local 911 call center.

When a 911 call is made from the hotel to the local 911 call center, certain onsite hotel staff also receive notification via a computer screen prompt, text message, or phone call.  During the call, the security team can listen in and record the discussion to provide valuable first responder information if needed.  The Amcom system includes reporting capabilities to track response times and monitor performance.

“Within the hospitality industry, enhanced 911 software is critical to keeping guests safe and reducing liability and risk,” said Chris Heim, CEO, Amcom Software.  “Above all, it’s simply the right thing to do.”

“We can now offer enhanced emergency communications capabilities that truly give first responders the information they need to reach 911 callers more quickly,” added Lou Van De Water, vice president, eastern regional sales, NEC.

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