ICMI Announces New Program for 2016 Conference

2016 Contact Center Expo & Conference Highlighting the Rise of Customer Experience

ICMI announced a new program for its 2016 Contact Center Expo & Conference. This year’s event will help attendees discover best practices for their contact centers and new ways to stay ahead of rising customer expectations.

As customers increasingly seek service in channels such as self-service, chat, and social media, they’ve gained control over where, how, and with whom they’d like to do business. This shift places an increased emphasis on the contact center and requires leaders to align their people, processes, and technologies to provide truly personalized interactions. The Contact Center Expo & Conference will offer new insights and best practices to meet these needs through new keynotes, sessions, workshops, and training focused on seven core subject areas.

Beyond the program’s core session and training offerings, attendees can also participate in local contact center tours, networking functions, case study presentations, and the ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Party.