Pacific Northwest BPO Warns About Call Recording Compliance

Sound Telecom, a nationwide business process outsourcer, has published a comprehensive article “Three Things Every Business Owner Should Know about Call Recording Notification Compliance,” which delineates the seriousness of two-party call recording notification regulations. Businesses are at increasing risk of direct legal action for failure to comply with current federal and state requirements. A spate of lawsuits has recently sprung from the State of California. Most of these actions are based on a little-known provision of the California Penal Code involving calls made to or from customers who are using mobile phone devices. Statutory civil penalties can be steep – up to $5,000 per incident for any violation of the statutes.

“Both businesses and the call center industry are in danger,” stated Michael LaBaw, Sound Telecom’s president and founder. “Fines of $5,000 per recording violation can quickly put an operation out of business. That is why we, in the best interest of our customers, have a well-developed notification program that adheres to the strictest interpretation of both federal and state requirements for all 50 States.”

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